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The GREEN page.... (aka: Sledog's page)

The new GREEN MACHINE (aka: our 5th wheel toy hauler)
The old green machine (aka: our last travel trailer, a wildcat)

The old green machine (aka: our last travel trailer, a wildcat)

(links to our camping trips are further down the page)
(look for a link in my forum signature to my webshots page to see pictures of my mods.  There's no link from here yet)

Here's a look at our camping trailer.  It's a 2004 Forest River Wildcat 29BHS.  It's a good size for us and it seems to suits us well. We're looking forward to more camping as the weather improves.    

Modifications & additions to the trailer:

1) I installed an oak shelf on the back of the dinette to hold remotes and nik-naks.
2)  I added a cut-out switch to the propane detector.  The battery volts would drop allot after sitting for just 2 weeks; not anymore.
3) The trailer only comes stock with one battery, so I added another one.
4)  I installed a stud and wing-nut affair to the propane bottle cover.  Two of my fellow campers have had their bottle covers blown away in the middle of the night by strong storm winds.  By installing the stud and wing-nut, it anchors the cover to the bottle bracket.
5) I spent the money for a dehumidifyer and run it when ever I'm hooked up to 120v and even take with us when we're in a site with hookups.
6)  Cut and fit non-skid matting on all the shelves in the fridge.
7)  I added backing plates to the backside of the propane detector screws and to the magazine rack screws. This makes it allot stronger and less likely to pull out of the thin paneling.
8) I added a quick disconnect clip to the emergency brake cable.  2K lb capacity.
9) I've added velco strips under the dinette seats to keep them from slipping out from under us while we're seated.
10) After discovering that the vent hole next to the fresh water fill cap was not connected to anything (it just ran straight onto my bedroom floor!?)  I used a bolt and some RTV to seal it up and keep the water and rain on the outside.
11) I added a hook and eye latch under the foot of the master bed storage area to keep it from flying up when we lift the mattress.
12) I bought a combination digital clock (atomic sync), inside temp, outside temp, time and date.  I have the remote unit outside on a piece of velcro just on the outside of the door and it transmits the outside temp to the reader inside the trailer.
13)  Added back up / aux lights to the rear bumper and located the switch inside the storage compartment.
14) Cut "black out" shades for all of the bedroom windows to keep it real dark until we decide to wake up.
15) Installed two Maxxair Vent covers over the roof vents.
16) Installed a Barker power tongue jack on the front end.  No more hand cranking!
17)  Changed out the tires and wheels with better quality tires and custom wheels.
18)  Added a portable solar panel to keep the batteries charged while the rig sits in between trips.
19)  I installed a battery cut-out switch so I can charge the batteries with them isolated from the rest of the system.
20) I installed a smart trickle charger.  The stock charger cooks the batteries and was at least partially to blame for my first set of batteies dieing as soon as they did.
21) Low tech - cut screens to fit all of the openings to keep the bugs out while it's stored for a few month's in the winter.
....more to come!

The slide out


and the kitchen sink

These are links to our camping trips

Klahowya - 2001

Mora CG - Fall, 2001

Dosewallips - Feb 2002

Fort Flagler - Apr '02

Dungeness Spit - May '02

Salt Creek - May '02

Holiday Park at McCord AF Base - May '02

Klahowya - June 2002

Salt Creek - June '02

Kalaloch - July '02

Fort Stevens - July '02

Ocean City - July '02

Potholes SP - July '02

Salt Creek - Aug '02

South Shore (Kalaloch overflow) - Aug '02

Pacific North West Pop-up Round up at Ft. Canby State Park - Aug '02

Klahowya - Aug '02

Salt Creek/Klahowya - Sep '02
Kitsap Memorial State Park - Oct '02
Salt Creek - Jan '03
Kitsap Memorial SP  -  Jan '03
Kitsap Memorial  -  Feb '03
Sequim Bay SP - Apr '03

Pacific Northwest Roundup - May '03

For information about the Pacific Northwest pop-up gathering follow this link.

The military MWR page (Military campgrounds)

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