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The GREEN page.... (aka: Sledog's page)

The new GREEN MACHINE (aka: our 5th wheel toy hauler)
The old green machine (aka: our last travel trailer, a wildcat)

Welcome to......


Last updated : 17 Nov 2007.

The camping (and riding) season is just about over for now.  I'm sorry to say we didn't get in very much camping this year...we've been extremely busy and this hectic schedule took it's toll on our camping life.
If you go towards the bottom of the GREEN MACHINE page, you'll see some links to some of our camping trips.  Some have pictures, some don't.  Enjoy either way!

The camper hauler in the dunes in Northern CA.

The towing rig. An F350SD Lariat, Crew cab, 4x4, 6.0 PSD, 4in lift, with Weld wheels.

A big rig from the right angle

Try this one out....48-23.157N, 124-43.603W   I recorded this one while I was on a hike at Cape Flattery.  It's the MOST NORTHWEST point you can go in the continental US without going on a boat.

Are you into "Geocaching"?? Click here if you want to find out more about it.

Dave, Jackie, Justin, Jenna and Nikki are all doing well. The kids are starting school and are still young enough to enjoy it.  Click on my family photo album page for a link to a page with thier pictures.