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The GREEN page.... (aka: Sledog's page)

The new GREEN MACHINE (aka: our 5th wheel toy hauler)
The old green machine (aka: our last travel trailer, a wildcat)
Salt Creek - Aug '02

We headed here (again) to get in a week end before heading down to the PNW pop-up round up.  We invited some friends and stayed for 3 days.  As usual, we had a good time.  We stayed in a site by the playground and will never do that again if we have a choice.  Too much noise from the kiddees and almost no privacy for the same reason.  Just a leasson learned and I'm not making any statments here...relax!  Rating: (for this trip)
   - Privacy: 1 out of 5
   - Cleanliness: 3 out of 5
   - Noise:  2 out of 5
   - Overall: 2 out of 5

I'll post a couple of pictures soon, but they're all about the same as the last couple of trips here.

Camping close to the playground

Overall, a decent site.