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The GREEN page.... (aka: Sledog's page)

The new GREEN MACHINE (aka: our 5th wheel toy hauler)
The old green machine (aka: our last travel trailer, a wildcat)
Salt Creek - June '02

We had some shopping to do in town and decided to turn it into a camping weekend.  So did alot of people because the cg was pretty full.  The weather was very nice and the other campers were playing well together except a pack of kids that had a site 2 or three up from ours.  They were a little loud and kept harrasing the racoons in the cg.  Had to tell 'em to "shut up and sit down" a couple of times.  Again, we like this cg so we'll be returning, I'm sure.
Rating: (for this trip)
   - Privacy: 2 out of 5
   - Cleanliness: 3 out of 5
   - Noise:  3 out of 5
   - Overall: 3 out of 5

The site at Salt Creek

this is one of the visitors we had.

Another view of the site (great view)

it looks like he's ready to attach, but he's just feeling around for food