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The GREEN page....


The GREEN MACHINE (aka: our new camper)
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More pictures...
More pictures...

I'll be puting the newest pictures towards the top...

the new kitchen table
The new kitchen table

that pesky brown bear again

A big 'ol brown bear in Isanotski Straight. (yea, I probably spelled it wrong...oh well)

and they wonder why they never get out!!!
My lounge lizards

CG 44fter

Sunset at my house

sunset in OR

B.T. R. 2000

Cape Arago Lighthouse

Josh' school picture

Jon's school picture

my view

This is the view from my back porch...if it was a little clearer you would see Canada. We can catch salmon and stone crab right off the rocks in the forground.

Nikki, again
Nikki, Jackie's dog

Under construction...I will be adding more soon.