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The GREEN MACHINE (aka: our new camper)
The ol' family photo album (and other stuff)
Info about our pop up camper
My Favorite Links
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My Favorite Links

Here's a list of some of the many web sites I visit on a regular basis. Some may not be your style...and some may not be anybody's style. Either way, they're all intesting to someone, somewhere. Feel free to e-mail me if you find a broken link or if you have any suggestions.

The Harley Davidson home page

The site for one of my favorite games: Mechwarrior 3

Fred's Place....A place for Coasties to see what's happening

A link to a Windows driver database

A site with alot of free downloads

CCS skateboards

My other (old) web page.

The ZD-Net download site.

A link to an ariel view of our house. Click on units and then on Neah Bay. Ours is the tan house, third from the right.