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Our Pets

A description of this family wouldn't be complete without including the pets.

maggie at the chow line
Maggie, our other cat at the chow line

katie again
Katie taking one of her 17 daily naps

Ashley is a very good dog. Smart as a whip and usually acts like a big baby. We believe she is a mix between a lab and a setter. She's my shadow. If I'm walking out the door, she's sure to be on my heals.


Ashley having fun in the water.
Ashley, getting her stick

Rudy, our nanda conure

Katie on her perch

Maggie doing what she does best

ashley again
Ashley playing with her rawhide

Katie's a good cat. Goofy in her own way, but a real good companion either way you look at it.

No wonder my printer doesn't work!

Ashley chill'in while camping at Ft. Flagler