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The GREEN page.... (aka: Sledog's page)

The new GREEN MACHINE (aka: our 5th wheel toy hauler)
The old green machine (aka: our last travel trailer, a wildcat)
Fort Worten - Apr '02

We left a day before we planned in order to take advantage of the good weather.  We arrived on Monday, the 8th and stayed until the 10th, when we moved to Fort Flagler State Park for a change of pace.  Over all this park is OK, but we can see this place being out of control in the summer.  Way too many people and students (AKA: noise) during the summer.  On the good side...there is alot of history here.  In addition to the war history this is also where they shot the movie "An officer and a gentleman".  Some of the sites are close together but there are also some very nice ones either right on the beach or a couple tucked into the woods.  We may go again, if I can get the site I want and the weather is perfect.  We'll see.
   - Privacy: 2 out of 5
   - Cleanliness: 3 out of 5
   - Noise:  3 out of 5
   - Overall: 3 out of 5

The pop-up at Ft. Worten

A tower at Ft Worten

The barracks at Ft. Worten. This is where the movie "An officer and a gentleman" was filmed

A bunker from when this was a large fortress used to protect the Navy base in Bremerton

Another shot of the PU

The Lighthouse at Ft. Worten

Another shot of the barracks

Sunset at Ft. Worten

The WA State park page for Fort Worten